Friday, May 8, 2009

O man! i got my writings messed up! Ok, i'll have to give you a briefing of what's going on, and you'll get the story if you continue to read on.... I'm in philadelphia for break before rotations. Ok these pics are from a movie. can you guess which one? the answer appears below in, of course another pic. Ha ha ha i love this game!

I got 2 wks break before I had to start my 1st rotation, so I went to hang out with one of my friends in Philadelphia. It was awesome. Of course I had to have a phili cheese steak while I was there. Here are some pics of phili..... Of course they are from a movie, which movie though? you'll have to figure it out :)

Here are some pics from the white coat ceremony. Apparently it's kind of big deal. I didn't know that, but it was nice. This is Steve Harris, my branch president as well as an amazing teacher!
This is the Leffert's. John is one of my instructors and they are also the young adult leaders for our branch. Pretty much they are totally the coolest!

These are some of my friends from school: Pam and Nate.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For spring break my parents came out to visit, since i was stressed about coming home and making it back for a test on Mon. It was so great to see them and get to hang out. We went to Washing D.C. for the week. And, yes, it was that cold. my face obviously tells the story. some "spring" break. We had a blast though. We walked a million miles, i think, waundering through as many smithsonians as we could. we each had our favorite places. i think mine was the museum of natural history. i noticed throughout our trip that everything i knew about, i learned from a movie or T.V. show. "night at the museum"- the natural history museum, wash DC in general, the West Wing, the Maryland school of arts- Step Up. Good thing i actually went there in person, so i could learn some "real" history. we had a blast, and it was a good trip. other than that, i'm still studying...... but only 4 weeks till the end of this semester!!! halalujah, i'm not sure how much longer i could sit in that seat, it has been a year. A year already, crazy! i'll be home before you know it.

George and I have the same idea about how life should be lived at home. This is Mount Vernon on the Potomic river